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Sprayed cork

corcho proyectado

Emulsion with cork to project

Eco-friendly coating

The sprayed cork is mainly composed of crushed natural cork from the bark of the cork oak, therefore it is an ecological and environmentally friendly coating unlike other coatings.

Waterproof and breathable lining

Thanks to its molecular structure, the sprayed cork prevents the passage of liquid water, but not the passage of water to steam. This allows the facades to breathe while being watertight, since it does not absorb external humidity, thus avoiding the appearance of fungi, saline stains and other damages that would occur with other mortar coatings where there are mineral salts that may appear moldy when be diluted with rainwater as for example occurs with monolayer coatings in the gutter and under tile areas.

Continuous coating

It has a power of adhesion and easy application, and with it the sprayed cork is converted with a continuous coating, saving the problems found between the different surfaces, also helping to break the thermal bridges.

Elastic lining

It has an elasticity model that makes it a very flexible material capable of absorbing the expansions caused by climatic changes in temperature on the applied surfaces. It is guaranteed that cracks never appear on the projected surfaces, as in other coatings such as single-layer mortars or other traditional systems such as plastic paint.

Thermal and acoustic insulating coating

Cork is an excellent thermal insulator thanks to its molecular structure, it has a large amount of air, obtaining a magnificent value of thermal resistance, unlike other mortar-based coatings that are not insulating by themselves. It contains a thermal conductivity of 0.050 W / mK.

We recommend the use of sprayed cork for better conservation of the facade materials. Get health, cleanliness and energy savings for people and the building.

Benefits and utilities of the projected cork

It is waterproof and breathable, preventing moisture due to capillary action and condensation.

Rehabilitation of facades guaranteeing long-term sanitation for its durability.

Repairs cracks and fissures, and prevents them from reappearing due to their elasticity.

Cladding with irregular structures, forms a skin for your home, adapts to the shapes and needs of each support, adhering to any material and position.

Thermal insulation and acoustic conditioning.

Treatment of rust and corrosion of the ferrous materials used in the facade.

It comes in drums with a content of 13 kg of weight. The recommended minimum consumption is 2 kg/m2.

Color chart
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Application on floors, walls and ceilings

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Insulation of roofs with encapsulation of squares with asbestos

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