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Cork plates Acoustic and thermal insulating coating: Natur raw BL-260

For walls and ceilings, with a polished face. At 20, -mm thick.

For a better aesthetic when it is installed indoors.

Due to its density level of 230 kg / m3. It has a great consistency, it is very suitable to act as an acoustic and vibration barrier. It has a large grain surface finish with open spaces that is very beneficial to achieve a phonic correction and avoid bounces of sound in the premises where it is installed. Excellent thermal insulation. Once installed, if desired, you can always varnish or paint.

It is a product made up of virgin cork from the wood that is crushed and agglomerated in plates, which are intertwined with each other for continuous pressure and temperature with a minimum addition of 2% water-based polyurethane binder (suitable for food uses). Which does not give any smell.

It is manufactured in plates of 1, - x 0.50, - Mts.

Once installed, if desired, you can varnish or paint with all the products.

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