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Cork crafts

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Production of all kinds of natural cork and agglomerated pieces for use in domestic life, in the sport and craftwork and tailor made of agglomerated cork blocks and blocks.

Special finishes in bevelled tiles.

Agglomerated cork bars, cut into segments.

All agglomerates for domestic use and crafts are integrated with glues and products with food certification.
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Balls made with agglomerate of natural cork and for crafts, among other uses. Measures of Agglomerated Cork Balls: 40, - 50, - 55, - 60, - and 80 mm.
Cork mats made with agglomerate of natural cork, with decorative aspect and function of protection of the furniture of the heat damages of pots.
Normal thickness in mm: 5, - 8, - 10, - 15, -
Cork coasters made with natural cork agglomerate and for use in the kitchen.
The cork yoga blocks are more environmentally friendly than those made of wood and softer and lighter than these. They are stacked and stored very well. With these you will get more comfort during practice, improve stability and increase your flexibility.
Manufactured with natural cork agglomerated and for manual uses, among others.


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