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Cork floorboard - Floating parquet


Totally vegetable and ecological, high density. Flexible and with great resistance to wear. Maximum comfort, warmth to the touch and isolation. In varnished finish. Montage "loc seal" very easy and safe.

tarima corcho natural eco

tarima de corcho natural Natural cork floors and attractive of the highest quality, with excellent levels of performance thanks to the excellent properties of cork. No other natural raw material can overcome them.
They endure years of wear and tear and still look as good as the day it was first put on.
This is due to the unique structure of the cork and the extremely resistant surface finish. Enjoy these innovative and environmentally friendly floor solutions,
Warmth: Provides a warm and cozy floor temperature.

Comfort: Elasticity of the cork, protects against impacts of walking and relieves tension in the feet, joints and back. Antistatic performance.

Ecology: Be aware of the growing need to protect the environment, cork soils are the sensible and ecological choice.

Feeling calm: The unique structure of the cork makes the floors particularly quiet. The cork reduces sound transmission between and within the rooms, creating a more peaceful and peaceful atmosphere in your home.

Healthy: The surface finish of cork floors prevents dirt, dust, germs and mold from depositing on them, contributing to a healthy and hygienic environment. With anti-allergic properties.

Easy maintenance: A vacuum cleaner and a mop is all that is required to maintain your floors.


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