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Cork flooring

Cork - Corcho - Suro - Liège - Cortiça - Kurk - Kork - Pluta - Sughero

Cork floor tiles. Cork flooring for the placement glued to the ground. It is an ecological product, of high density, for floors to glue in the floor. It has great resistance to wear, maximum comfort and insulation. It has a varnished finish.

  • Modality of product for placement gluing to the ground.
  • Ecological high density.
  • High resistance to wear.
  • Maximum comfort and insulation.
  • With natural or varnished finish.
  • With natural or varnished finish.
  • Totally vegetable.
  • Flexible and with great resistance to wear.
  • Maximum comfort, warmth to the touch and isolation.
  • In natural or varnished finish.
  • It is placed glued to the pavement in rows like the ceramic tiles.

The rows are usually interposed to break together. Starting the first row with full tile, the second row with half tile and the third row again with full tile, and so on. For cutting you can use a cutter and a ruler. That easy. Keep in mind that when installing a parquet of cork. After finishing all the installation is very advisable to apply a good layer of varnish for polyurethane parquet in water. To seal all the joints that are thus waterproofed to withstand the humidity of the usual cleanings. When applying the varnish you can choose between gloss, satin and matt. The parquet of cork must have the same treatment of a parquet of wood. And for cleaning it can be soaked with water and neutral soap with a mop or mop drained, then drying it.

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